The Longing for Live Video

Live video streaming is not something new. Thanks to platforms like Youtube’s live streaming and websites such as ABC’s News24 free live streaming service we have more accessible platforms to engage and produce our own live video content. But consumers demand more topical news, product offerings, rich entertainment faster than ever before. We live in a content rich digital world and not all content can be viewed unless it’s trickled through all the content noise that floods our feeds, emails, blogs, newspapers, radio and tv. Despite even the use of mobile devices quickly capturing content and minutes later being posted online – it’s still not enough and not satisfying enough to know we could have received the message faster.

Setting up a live stream for youtube alone consists of having a process of verification, camera setup and adjustment of settings. It’s not targeted for everyday use. We’ve conquered digital imagery, it has taken us several decades since the first digital image was produced in 1957 to get to where we are today but we got there. We’ve manipulated, stored, published and transferred billions of terabytes of digital images across the globe for what? To save memories that can’t be stored otherwise? Or maybe an easier way of understanding and translating a message? One thing for sure is the need of rich content that resonates well and satisfies consumers.

The digital world is shifting from a never ending amount of images being shoved in all our devices (social media, blogs, websites, e-commerce sites and emails) to live video. Live video will dominate the digital scene within the next four to five years. Why? Because consumers and myself are completely over the use of infographics, graphs, statistics, overlaid text, image filters, collages, memes, selfies and extremely disappointing use of Photoshop or moderate use of Microsoft paint.

Some of us enjoy the 30 to 60 second videos we see, they’re concise and we get to funnel out from all the other white noise that we really don’t care about. But introduce live video into the mix, this can change us to start tuning and paying attention to the content right through to the end.

How live video differs from live broadcasts and other live broadcasts is its feel of authenticity and easy access. Applications like Pericope don’t manipulate the video message. What you’re seeing at that very moment has a much more authentic sentiment then watching a live news reporter at the scene. If you placed both a live video stream from an app like Periscope at a same event of a live news broadcast, you would feel a further connection with watching the app. Try it.

However it’s not just for journalists. It has a whole array of potential uses such as live product demonstrations, crowdsourcing and a new way of customer service. Live videos could even be used at the digital screens at train stations where companies showcase a demo of a product directly to consumers. Live video enhances consumers experiences, making us ascertain the message much more coherently than if it were to be presented in another form.

But the most enjoyable part of the takeover of live video is the ability of self production. Citizen journalism on steroids. It’s not a new concept but live video allows an improved direction for consumers to produce and engage without the drawbacks of technical knowledge such as setting up, video production, editing, digital storage and knowing how to output video formats.

Right now, live video seems to be more authentic than live broadcasts. It’s easy to start filming straight away. It’s simple to comment and engage with what is being seen. And what we thrive for most is its easy instant accessibility through almost any device at any time. Twitter only began Periscope recently and it won’t be long before Facebook catches on along with other organisations and other platforms for blogging and content driven applications. The way content is being shared and published is changing rapidly and live video is the next phase of content driven platforms.


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