Local Fundraising Superstar

Eight year old Joshua McKeown has grown into a superstar after raising more then $21,000 for Cancer Council NSW.

Joshua (pictured right with his dad) began his campaign after his world changed during Christmas 2011, when his fire-fighter father, Tim, was diagnosed with throat cancer. With the East Hills community behind him, he held a head-shave fundraiser to support his father and to give back to Cancer Council.

“As a family it has been very stressful and very hard, especially for Dad,” Joshua said.

He held the fundraiser early April at the Panania Diggers Club. Since then he’s been invited to both 2GB and the 2Dayfm Kyle and Jackie O Show to speak about how he wants to support his dad and create awareness for cancer.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, the staff at Professionals Padstow, supporters on the internet and local businesses, all backed Joshua’s campaign. To top off Joshua’s success, he was nominated by his local paper for a Pride of Australia Award in the Young Leader category. Mum Debra Thomson said the family was very proud of Joshua.

“He took this on at eight years old, all by himself,” she says. In March Joshua and his mother set a goal to raise $1,000, but have since raised an amazing $21,010! “Maybe it can help a family just like mine, and maybe save lives,” said Josh.

East Hills State MP Glenn Brookes congratulated Joshua, saying, “At eight years of age, no matter how much money Joshua raised, this little fellow has done his father proud.”

To become a local hero like Joshua please visit http://doyourthing.com.au to register your fundraiser